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Overall Impression – Spectacle without anything spectacular. THE FOUR QUESTIONS Who’s your main character? – Superman What’s he trying to accomplish? – Physical: Protect the Earth from General Zod. Emotional: Sort of make a connection with Lois Lane, but it’s very tepid. Spiritual: Learn his place in the world. Who’s trying to stop him? – General […]

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Overall Impression – Not uninteresting, but not involving. THE FOUR QUESTIONS Who is your main character? – Driven CIA operative, Maya. What is she trying to accomplish? –  Physical – Find Osama bin Laden.  Emotional – Find Osama bin Laden.  Spiritual – Find Osama bin Laden. (Notice something wrong here?) Who’s trying to stop her? – The forces within the […]

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Agencies Flog Blogs

That’s the headline in today’s Variety for an article which begins: A string of recent TV development deals has proven that no blog, Tumblr or Twitter feed is too obscure or too new to escape notice in Hollywood, so long as the voice behind the content is compelling enough to expand into other media. For […]

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