What Are People Saying About ‘My Story Can Beat Up Your Story?’ LOTS!

Jeff has an acute understanding of the kind of story structure that makes for successful movies.  By analyzing blockbusters he extrapolates a story construction model that is surprisingly simple and universally applicable.  And, best of all, it works.”

“Writers have been searching for the perfect story structure paradigm for 2,500 years.  Jeff Schechter may have found it.  Take that, Aristotle!”
– Ian Abrams, Chairman, Dramatic Writing Program, Drexel University. Writer/ Creator EARLY EDITION, UNDERCOVER BLUES.

“Screenwriting is an art, and Jeff Schechter conveys both the craft and soul of the trade.  A gifted teacher, he provides methods which will help you both structure and elevate your best ideas.”
– David Sacks, Executive Producer/Writer.  THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN, THE SIMPSONS

“Since I took Jeff’s course I’ve become a Hollywood screenwriter.  I recently finished the first draft of a supernatural thriller which I was able to option after my FIRST PITCH to a producer.  Now I’m on my next ‘gig.’  If it wasn’t for Jeff I would still be writing my way out of page 55.”

Jeff breaks down screenwriting structure into small, easy to understand bites.  I finally think I’m comprehending screenwriting and how it works, and I owe it all to this class.  If you only take one screenwriting class, make sure it’s this one!”
– Elissa T, LONG BEACH 

“I’ve written 7 specs and have read over 70 screenplay writing books, and “MY STORY CAN BEAT UP YOUR STORY!” actually added unprecedented information!  This seminar doesn’t labor on theory and offers techniques that are both practical and original.”
– Chanina H, TORONTO

“The seminar and workbook are worth every penny and more!…I’m amazed at how easy Jeff makes everything seem.  When you see how he puts it all together and proves his simple formula with examples of the top movies, you’ll kick yourself for not figuring it out yourself.”

“I’ve gone to an array of seminars, many in the $300+ range which claim to have hundreds of ‘secret techniques’ or formulas only to end up leaving having heard stuff that I already knew, however, Jeff’s TotallyWrite is the real deal!  In 3 hours I learned more from him than I have in all my years of film school, writing groups, expensive seminars — YOU NAME IT!   NOTHING COMPARES!
– Adam W, NEW YORK

“For anybody looking for a clear and concise way to better understand structure or develop their ideas, this is for you!  Jeff has broken it all down and made it so easy to understand. I had a script that was really floundering, but after listening to the CD’s and following along with the workbook, what I learned really opened up the script on a much deeper level than I could have done prior to listening….His warmth, humor, and obvious love of the craft really make this FUN to listen to.”
– Robert J, SAN DIEGO

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I just finished the seminar and I’m stunned.  I’d picked up bits and pieces of the information from other sources over the years and thought I had a handle on what was generally required but “Wow.” For the first time I feel as if I have the distilled essence of screenplay structure in one easily workable formula.  It’s like finding the very best secret map to the buried treasure with X clearly marked.  Best money I ever spent.”

“The seminar removed any doubt about structure that I had, and made writing my screenplay SPICE something I really enjoyed doing.  It was actually fun.  Your course is the best I ever took.  Thanks, Jeff!”
– Kevin M, TORONTO

“Okay Jeff, you got me.  The seminar was pretty great and informative.  The techniques in the seminar make a lot of sense, and I would highly recommend it to everyone.”

“Great stuff, Jeff. I think your way of looking at structure really makes sense. (Undoubtedly proven by your lengthy and successful track record.)  Thanks for so openly sharing your gems of insight for such a small nominal value.  I know 4 pro screenwriters who mentor me from time to time, yet none of them has provided such a neat way of thinking about outlining which I find to be the bane of screenwriterly existence.”

“Thanks for your excellent work.  I used a compressed version of your paradigm to write a short film recently and have just been funded by our State’s film funding commission to make it.  When I was ‘kind of lost’ as to a powerful order of dramatic events I resorted to your ideas – just as a guide initially but they ended up being the perfect fit for my particular story.  I submitted it and it was chosen from hundreds of entries for that particular initiative.  So thanks x 3.  Good job… that just got better.”

“I have struggled for years with “intuitively” trying to write screenplays.  I’ve had some great stories, agent representation, and even had the opportunity to pitch at some studios.   However, I could never answer the big questions (what’s the story about and why should we care?) and therefore got passed over.   The seminar is such a help, I can’t begin to tell you.  It has renewed my enthusiasm for writing again. Instead of struggling and second guessing myself and getting lost in the middle of the screenplay, I can now use this map to find my way around and concentrate on making the story, dialogue, characters, etc. interesting.  I’ve read many books and purchased a lot of software but none has been this concise and practical.  I’m rambling and I’m sorry for that, but I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks.”
– Steve G, ANAHEIM

I am quite impressed with what you have created!  Now that I have a structure to follow, the problem now is finding the time to write all of my ideas.   This seminar is phenomenal!  Thank you!

“I just want to convey my appreciation for the work you did in developing “MY STORY CAN BEAT UP YOUR STORY!”. I am finding the process of developing my story invigorating and enlightening. I have used other story development systems in the past and found their ways of thinking to be counter intuitive to the creative process. When I sit down with your work, for the first time I feel in control and connected to the my story and excited as I build it’s foundation.”

“Like all well-thought-out inventions, your system has just what is necessary and no more than is required. You’ve built something great because it it rests upon a foundational way of thinking, living and creating. It’s simple, it’s clean, it’s elegant, and it’s useful. It assures that our stories reference the way we love, feel and grow — which is how our writing stays real and reaches into people’s hearts.  That’s more than a mere model for constructing plotpoints. That’s a touchstone for how we become more attune to the life process itself. What we write and respond to can’t help but come more fully alive.”