It’s Time To Be The Hero of Your Screenwriting Career



If you’re serious about your screenwriting career you need to step up and act like a hero. Waiting for someone to save you is not an option.

I’m Jeffrey Alan Schechter.  I’m a straight-up working screenwriter, an award winning producer, an Emmy, WGA, WGC, and BAFTA nominated writer, and now I’ve got your back.  My book, My Story Can Beat Up Your Story! is the top-rated tough-love book about screenwriting on Amazon as chosen by people just like you.

I know what you’re going through.  The battle against the blank page. The fear of hitting the page 55 wall.  Yet you fight on and that’s what makes you a hero.  That’s also why I’m dedicated to giving you real insights, professional excellence, career growth, straight talk, and maybe even actual opportunities.

You are not alone on your hero’s journey.  Now you’ve got a sidekick.  Me.

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Wanna Break Into Film? Stop Writing That Screenplay

breaking_badThe big opportunity for screenwriters has shifted dramatically from film to television, and the best way to get in the writing game  -- TV & features -- is to write a professional and memorable 1 hour pilot script. Pilot season used to be just a few months each year.  Now thanks to cable, the Internet, and channels such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, pilot season never ends. But to join the party you better have a bulletproof pilot script ready to show.

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Instantly Turn Your Brain Up To 11

knob_11_smThe My Story Can Beat Up Your Story Online Screenwriting Course is now available for immediate, online access.  It's 41 lectures with hundreds of slides, charts and diagrams that reveals the system I use to write and sell scripts of all kinds, in all genres, from million dollar spec scripts to TV movies and miniseries.  It's so smart, it hurts.

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Get Some Coaching & Feel the Burn

BrainCan you imagine anything worse than spending months of your life writing a screenplay that is so fundamentally flawed that it's dead before you even write 'FADE OUT?'  Me neither.  That's why I offer a variety of story and script consultation options to help you work out your problems before they work you over.

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The Book That Will Help You Muscle Your Way To The Top

My Story Can Beat Up Your Story! unleashes a powerful, blow-by-blow system that industry insiders have used to generate millions of dollars in script sales and assignments.  This eye-opening and irreverent guide covers everything from heroes to villains, theme to plot points, cooking up ideas to business plans.

“A refreshing, no-nonsense, incredibly insightful primer for beginners and laser-guided tuner-upper for journeymen.  And it’s damned entertaining to boot.”
David N. Weiss, writer, Shrek 2, The Smurfs

“Smart and engaging…brims with common-sense methods of breaking down and conquering the most stubborn structural problems in screenwriting.”
Alvaro Rodriguez, writer, Machete, Shorts

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