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Overall Impression – A dark classic, analyzed  for us by guest reviewer Len Massar. THE FOUR QUESTIONS Who is your main character? – Clarice Starling. What is she trying to accomplish? – Professional: Catch Buffalo Bill. Personal: Please her father-figure boss. Private: Move past her traumatizing childhood memory of lambs being killed. Who’s trying to stop her? […]

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Overall Impression – Despite the evidence, Eastwood never gets old. THE FOUR QUESTIONS Who’s your main character? – Walt Kowalski. What’s he trying to accomplish? – Professional: save his Hmong neighbors from the local gang.  Personal: teach Thao to be a man.  Private: find a reason to keep living after his wife’s death. Who’s trying […]

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Overall Impression – (Thrilling action) + (brutal violence) x (visionary director) = (visually exciting movie that depressed the hell out of me.) THE FOUR QUESTIONS Who’s your main character? – Wesley. What’s he trying to accomplish? – Professional: learn how to be an assassin.  Personal: Kill the man who killed his father. Private: discover who he […]

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