Overall Impression – Rock solid structure and the smartest reboot of a series since 2009’s Star Trek.


Who is your main character? – James Bond.

What is he trying to accomplish? –  Physical – Defeat renegade agent Silva.  Emotional – Protect M.  Spiritual – Prove that he’s not too old to be 007.

Who’s trying to stop him? – Silva, a dementedl former MI6 agent.

What happens if he fails? – M will die and Silva will bring down governments and agencies through cyberterrorism.


Orphan – Bond is shot and presumed dead, but is given another chance when he comes back to MI6.  He fails his physical and psychological exam and must prove that he’s still a capable agent.

Wanderer – Bond travels to Shanghai as well as a deserted island to encounter Silva.  He manages to bring him back to London, however Silva escapes.

Warrior – Bond pursues Silva who tries to attack and kill M while she’s at a hearing.  Bond then kidnaps M for her own safety and brings her back to his family estate in Scotland, Skyfall.

Martyr – Bond is willing to take on Silva and his men practically singlehandedly.  He ultimately destroys his estate in his attempt to protect M.


For years I’ve been trying to find a movie to speak about in my seminars that would replace Star Wars as the cleanest example of a movie that hits all the right plot points in all the right places.  I’ve found it.  From the character work, to the thematic integrity, to the structure Skyfall hits all the right notes with style, grace, and intelligence.  There’s a reason why this film is attracting the critical and commercial attention that it is.  As a writer and a fan of bulletproof structure, Skyfall represents a high water mark.

– Jeffrey Alan Schechter

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  1. TJW February 26, 2013 at 11:14 am #

    I can’t find a copy of the script ANYWHERE. I’ve looked at online book stores, discussion forums,, etc. and there seems no mention of it. I understand that it’s copyright material, but usually they make it available for purchase on Amazon or other places. It’s really strange.

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