1-On-1 Story Building

Jumpstart your screenplay and help it to help you achieve your goals and dreams by making sure your story is rock solid before you write FADE IN.  The most common problem with most screenplays is a poorly developed story, one that meanders and lacks focus.  Not only can a badly structured story kill your screenplay, it can kill the perception you want agents and producers to have of you that you know what you’re doing.  This is nothing less than career suicide.Professional story building doesn’t have to be a mystery or a gut-wrenching, depressing and uncertain process.  If you’ve ever felt lost while trying to craft your story then the My Story Can Beat Up Your Story! Story Building Sessions are for you.   I will work with you over the internet, using screen sharing and webinar technology, and together we will work through your story with the same, real-world system that has generated millions of dollars in sales and assignments.  This is no exaggeration.  It’s the same system I have used successfully to write scripts of all kinds, in all genres, from million dollar spec scripts to TV movies to miniseries.  It is absolutely the fastest way to make your idea ready to be turned into a solid, feature-length script.

The entire process is divided into FOUR SESSIONS.  Depending on availability, your sessions can be scheduled for almost any frequency: once a day and your story is done in four days.  Twice a day and you’re done in two days.  Want time to reflect on the work between sessions?  That’s fine, too.   You’ll have a two-week window to schedule all four sessions.  In a rush or having a story emergency?  We can even do it all in one, intensive day (however there is extra cost involved).


SESSION 1 (approx 90 minutes) – FOUNDATION: Four Questions, Four Archetypes & create a perfect Elevator Pitch

  • We’ll answer the four questions about your main character
  • We’ll determine how your main character fulfills his or her story destiny by transitioning through each of the four archetypes
  • Together we will construct a compelling ‘elevator pitch’ that lays out the entire story from start to finish.  This is the thousand foot view of your story.  This is a crucial and often neglected step!

SESSION 2 (approx 120 minutes) – THEME & CHARACTER: Know what your story is about and create a cast of characters that supports it

  • We’ll craft the thematic statement and thematic argument of your story (it’s easier than it sounds!)
  • We examine the choices and choose the archetype of your main character from the 8 protagonist archetypes
  • We’ll then examine and choose the archetype of your villain from the 8 antagonist archetypes that mirror the protagonist archetypes.
  • Together we’ll round out the rest of your cast of characters, both the positive and negative ones, that inform and amplify your hero and villain
  • We’ll use the Unity of Opposites to align both all of your characters — the positive and negative — with your theme.

SESSION 3 (approx 90 minutes) – PLOTTING, PART 1: Act one, the Central Question, and the first half of act two.

  • Together we work through the 12 foundation plot points of act one.
  • We’ll craft a Central Question that charts your hero’s physical, emotional, and spiritual journey.
  • We’ll then use the Central Question to build the first 14 plot points of act two.
  • We’ll discuss and brainstorm ideas for the second half of your story that builds upon and amplifies the plot points of the first half.

SESSION 4 (approx 90 minutes) – PLOTTING, PART 2: Complete act two, craft a satisfying act three, and create a page-specific guide to your script

    • We’ll craft the second 14 plot points of act two so that they build upon the tension created in act one and the first half of act two.
    • We’ll then build act three using the four major plot points of all truly successful movies.
    • We’ll discuss and zero-in on the best possibly climax, ensuring that it is not only properly constructed through the interaction of hero, villain, and stakes character, but that it fuses and resolved both the thematic statement and thematic argument of your story.
    • We’ll chart a story course with approximate page counts for the 12 major guide posts for your newly complete, bulletproof story


I hope so, because it is.  A good one.  It’s the same plan I use in my writing and it really and truly works.The price for four sessions is $995.  This is for all four sessions, not more than two a day, scheduled within a two week window.


The price for four sessions in 1 day is $1295.   This is a rush price.  My brain belongs to you and you alone for a whole day.


I am only able to offer a limited number of sessions each month (I’ve got to do my own writing too!)   Depending on scheduling, it’s possible for us to work together and have your story fully-developed in as little as two days.  I know it sounds impossible, but it’s not.  In addition, your sessions can include another participant (even if they’re located some else) so it’s great for writing teams who work apart from each other.



Excellent!  Please choose your option and then click on the the PAY NOW button below.  After your payment has been processed I will contact you to schedule sessions.   If you need the sessions to start right away, please let me know in the questions/comments box on the checkout page.Any questions before you pull the trigger?  Please feel free to contact me.  I’m looking forward to working with you.

Unfortunately, due to my commitment to my series “Stitchers”, I am unavailable for consultation work at the present.