Overall Impression – One of the best comedies this year!


Who’s your main character? – Peter Klaven.

What’s he trying to accomplish? – Professional: find a best man for his imminent wedding. Personal: find his first best friend. Private: truly cut loose and be himself.

Who’s trying to stop him? – Mostly it’s himself, but there are lesser antagonists at work.

What happens if he fails? – Peter will miss out on one of the most fun, freeing and essential aspects of any person’s life – a best friend.


Orphan – Peter’s more a girlfriend guy than a friend-with-guys guy.  When Peter’s stumped as to who should be his best man, he realizes that he’s the only person he knows who doesn’t have a best friend.

Wanderer – Peter learns how much he’s missing, so on his brother’s advice, he embarks on a series of disastrous “man dates”.  However, it’s only when Peter bumps into the free-spirited Sydney that he thinks he has a chance.

Warrior – Peter call Sydney for a “man date” and works at developing his first real friendship.  Thanks to his new best friend, all aspects of Peter’s life brighten… except with his fiance.  Zooey feels like she has to compete with Sydney for Peter’s attention, and some misunderstandings between Sydney and Peter put the engagement in jeopardy.

Martyr – Peter tells Sydney they should take a break, giving up his best friend for the sake of his marriage.  However, Zooey is the real martyr when she invites Sydney to the wedding, understanding that Peter needs his best friend almost as much as he does her.


Great twist on an old concept!  There ain’t a boring moment throughout, and Rudd’s Peter is wonderfully awkward when it comes to being “cool” enough to make friends.

Ultimately, that’s one of the nicest aspects of the film.  The feeling of having a true best friend is evoked throughout the entire movie, and Sydney and Peter’s friendship is one of the best illustrations of a ‘feel good’ theme I’ve seen in a while.


There are many laughs to be had, many of them thanks to the actors.  Not sure whether to classify this movie as a romantic comedy, a buddy-romance or a buddy comedy (maybe all three!), but Paul Rudd and Jason Segel were great, both individually and together.  Hope to see more of them in the future.

– Dan Pilditch

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