Even Their Trailers are Brilliant!

toy-story-3When you have (virtually) unlimited resources, time, and creativity, you can do some pretty remarkable things.  Case in point…PIXAR.

I haven’t seen UP yet (though the estimable Dan Pilditch has and raves about it) but by all accounts it’s a great achievement.  And then to top that off, PIXAR released the teaser trailer for TOY STORY 3.  Goofy charm aside, there’s more creativity, character work, and attention to detail paid in this teaser than in most full-length movies.

As creative types, we should aspire to aim as high as PIXAR routinely hits.  That being said, we have to understand that it’s not just that PIXAR isn’t playing on a level playing field; they own the stadium.

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  1. Mark June 15, 2009 at 12:34 pm #

    As an aspiring writer and Contour user, Pixar is tops in my book. Over and over and over again they deliver. We just saw UP!, and it is a throttler. My eighteen year-old nephew said Act I was like being hit with an emotional freight train.

    Somehow we missed seeing WALL-E in the theatres, and only saw it on DVD a month ago. I immediately regretted not seeing it in the theatre. It’s the only Pixar flick I haven’t seen first run, and, after UP!, I’ll be attending every time Pixar releases a new feature.

    Jeff, there’s no excuse not to drop everything you are doing, and see UP! right this very second.

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